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Skin Care Tips

How To Get Rid of Pubic Hair in 2019

by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

Tips For Getting Rid Of Pubic Hair in 2019

by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

It's time to hedge the ledge

Getting rid of pubic hair can be a quite cumbersome task, trust me, I know. However, the fact remains that pubic hair removal is an important part of the grooming routine of many women and men, and at times it can difficult choosing the right method. Are razors and trimmers the right tool for removing pubic hair if you have sensitive skin? Should you shave or wax just to get that much desired smooth feel and look? Are there any devices that can offer a better and much more effective treatment?

Here are some of the most popular methods of pubic hair removal that can guarantee you a smooth and almost painless process.

Bikini Waxing

Probably the most popular method to get rid of pubic hair for as long as 6 weeks is with the use of a resin wax available in spas, salons and even over the counter. You can choose from different styles of bikini waxing, from getting everything removed, to a simple clean up.

Waxing your bikini line is doable right at the comforts of your home. However, if you need something more than this, like a Brazilian for instance, you may need to schedule an appointment with a professional.


Using your razor is no doubt the fastest and easiest pubic hair removal method you can try, although it usually has short-lived results. Before you give it a try, you might want to read some shaving guides to ensure that you will have a safe and close shave without causing common problem such as ingrown hairs, nicks and microscopic tears.

Shaving your pubic hair


Sugaring comes in two primary types: a gel and paste. These two types are both made with natural ingredients such as sugar, water, and lemon juice to leave your hair-free for 6 weeks at most. A lot of people prefer sugaring as an alternative to waxing since this is gentler and less painful on the skin, a big plus for your bikini zone.

Here, the same principle with waxing applies. You can always clean your bikini line yourself although an appointment with a pro is necessary for more extreme and complicated styles.


Laser / IPL 

Pulsed light can be used for disabling hair follicles. This permanent method for hair reduction has been approved by the FDA but don’t expect that it will work as a permanent hair removal. This is generally suitable for people with dark hair and lighter skin tones since the laser targets pigment or color in hair. Even though you can find home devices that you can use for this process, these have not been approved for genital use and are only advisable for the bikini line. For removal on genitals, it is important to get professional treatments for hair removal using laser.


Depilatories or Hair Removal Creams

Strong alkaline products can break down hair for it to be wiped off easily. Despite the hairless time of this process is also the same with that of shaving, depilatories don’t usually produce a sharp tip unlike when using razors.

The results will just last for two days at most. You need to take extra care since hair removal creams may contain some harsh chemicals and may even cause chemical burn, particularly on the delicate bikini zone. These creams should only be used on hair outside your panty line and never on genitals. It is also important to use only those hair removal creams especially made for bikini area.


Epilators get rid of pubic hair from their roots. While a lot of people often find it uncomfortable to use these devices at first, this is among the best ways for enjoying weeks of hair-free and smooth skin at home.

Which of these pubic hair removal methods do you like best?  Leave your comments below!

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