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2 years ago

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MUTED: How You Can Take Action to Stand with the Anti-racism Movement Today.


2 years ago

MUTED: How You Can Take Action to Stand with the Anti-racism Movement Today.


2 years ago


Since the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, the world as we know it has pulled the rug up from under our feet. All over social media people are posting to support the anti-racism movement, and all over America, people are protesting justice for George Floyd.

In honor of those who have suffered and continue to suffer from racism, Viblok has taken a break from our usual brand-specific topics to raise awareness for the anti-racism movement. In order to support justice for this cause, we must be the change we wish to see, and we believe that can only be done by taking action, and inspiring those around us to do so as well.  

For those of you reading this, if you think for one moment that the act of a single person like yourself won’t help create change, ask yourself if George Floyd would have envisioned that his daughter would one day be holding up a “Daddy changed the world” sign during his last moments gasping for breath. Did he think that the last words he was able to murmur before his life was taken, “I can’t breathe,” would soon be repeated as a symbol to honor him all over the world?

In all the tragedy surrounding George Floyd’s death, there is an important lesson to behold; it only takes a single person to change the world.

Here are some ways YOU can bring change with the Anti-Racism Movement

 Donating to & Joining Organizations:

There are numerous organizations in need of funding that will directly affect the cause. If you truly care about making a change, take the time out to spare some money and help them out. Regardless of what you can afford, remember that every dollar counts.

Black Lives Matter: Created after another person of color was killed unjustly and the state failed to prosecute his murderer, this foundation was inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin, and it has gone on to make a worldwide impact. It fights for black liberation against white supremacy and corrupt legal systems that allow violence to be subjected on to black people without proper repercussions.

 Join BLM here:

 Donate to BLM here:


The Bail Project: The Bail Project helps provide bail money to innocent people who can’t afford it, seeking to fight mass incarceration and improve the pretrial system in the US.

 Join the Bail Project here:

 Donate to The Bail Project here:


Communities United Against Police Brutality: The volunteers of this organization seek to end police brutality with communicative projects that work directly with our government. The members of this organization attend weekly meetings to create new initiatives to complete their mission. Since they are an all-volunteer organization, they are in need of funding for things like office equipment that has not yet been provided to them by any other resources.

 Join CUAP by attending:

CUAPB Weekly Meetings
Every Saturday at 1:30 p.m.
4200 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis

Donate to CUAP:


The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: The NAACP Legal Defense is America’s premier legal organization for fighting racial injustices. Their main goals include structural changes to expand democracy, the elimination of disparities, and ultimately creating a justice system that can guarantee equality for everyone in the US.

Join the NAACP Legal Defense fund here:

 Donate to the NAACP Legal defense fund here:


Campaign Zero: As a policy-focused organization, Campaign Zero fights to end corruption and injustice among our police systems. Their current project, 8cantwait, asks government figures and legislators to implement an 8-rule policy for their police during day-to-day activities that is predicted to decrease police violence by 72%. Campaign zero emphasizes the fact that change is needed at every level of government, and asks its members to reach out to their local officials to implement change.

Join Campaign Zero here:

Donate to Campaign Zero here:


The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund: This fund supports Floyd’s loved ones while helping to cover expenses like funeral costs and care expenses for his kids. Though nothing will bring Floyd back, the money will help make life a little easier for the family that has had to suffer a great deal since he was wrongfully taken from them.

 Donate to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund:


Protest the Right Way:

There is no better way to show your care for a cause than to SHOW UP. Showing up to protests regardless of your race is one of the most impactful and coruageous things you can do, but we implore you to do it with caution. Recent events have shown protesters being wrongfully harmed in the process.


Know Your Rights:

Choosing to protest is a risky decision that could put you in danger’s way, whether literally or figuratively. Before going to protest, it is crucial that you know your rights.

Refer to this link as a resource for understanding your rights


Protest from Home:

Many people are unable to protest because they have small children to take care of and do not want them put in harm’s way. However, it is encouraged to teach our children that their voices are important too, and that they can still make a difference.

Refer to this article for ways to peacefully protest and support the movement with your children from home


Sign Petitions and Contact Your Local Government:

 There are numerous petitions in order to make sure that occurrences like George Floyd’s death never happen again. To influence the upcoming case of George Floyd’s death and demand restructuring among the judicial system and a sweeping police reform, sign the NAACP petition below.

NAACP We are Done Dying Petition:

 To help other victims like George Floyd get justice for the crimes committed against them, sign the petitions below.

 Justice for Breonna Taylor:

 Justice for Belly Mujinga Petition:

 Justice For Joāo Pedro Petition:


To aid in ending police brutality, sign one of the following petitions:

  1. BLMs Defund the Police Petition:

  1. Org’s Mandatory Life Sentence for Police Brutality Petition:

 To contact your local government representative and personally ask them to implement changes that will decrease police brutality by changing their training methods, use the template below.

Contact your Rep Template:


Educate & Communicate:

A lack of knowledge on the history of racism and present racism in our country is a preceding factor in the lack of change. In order to make an impact, we must not undermine the presence of racism. If you feel like you are uneducated or uninformed about any aspects of the subject, the books we listed below are all great resources to learn about anti-racism:

- The New Jim Crow
- So You Want To Talk About Race
White Fragility
- Living & Dying in Brick City
- White Tears, Brown Scars
- Under The Affluence

 In a world that’s so heavily influenced by social media, we may not realize how little our older family members, friends and coworkers may know about the current events. A good way to combat this lack of awareness is to suggest a new movie or show to watch together that expands on the subject of racism. Then you can follow up with a communicative conversation about the topic afterwards! Here are some good movies and TV shows to watch:

 - When They See Us (Netflix)
American Son (Netflix)
- 13th (Netflix)
The Death and Life of Martha P Johnson
- Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap
Just Mercy
- Injustice


Speak with Mindfulness & Compassion:

These are extremely sensitive times for all of us, but especially for those of us who are members of the black community. If you have coworkers, friends, or family members in the black community, make sure that you act with compassion for whatever they may or may not be going through. Non-members of the black community should remember the phrase “I understand that I will never understand,” when speaking on the subject. 


Don’t Forget it’s an Election Year:

 It’s safe to say that between this and the COVID-19 Pandemic, the strengths and weaknesses of our government have been outlined for us. With all the tragedy our country has undergone, a change for the better must be on its way. And whether we like it or not, our government will have one of the largest impacts on whether or not changes like black liberation and an end white supremacy will come.

According to past elections, there is a substantially low amount of voters in the minority category. Can you imagine the change it would bring if those who didn’t vote in the past stood up and said enough is enough this year? If we truly want change, we must vow to exercise our rights as US citizens and do our research on the politicians we plan to vote for. Are the people you plan to vote for planning to install any kind of reform to end racism and police brutality?

Now is the time to find out. 2020 is an election year, a year for struggles, and a year for change. When you remember George Floyd, remember how much of an impact just one person can make.



Author: Clare Kehoe