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by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

Skin Care Tips

Trendy AF - Manscaping

by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

Trendy AF - Manscaping

by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

Our next series will be focusing on trends in beauty and skin care. Skin is ever changing, therefore it seems like every day a new method, style or product is being introduced to us. This month our focus is Manscaping, so class grab your umbrellas because... it’s about to be raining men!

The formalities

In general, Manscaping is a glorified word for grooming, it’s the process of removing or trimming body hair. This includes the beard, chest, back and groin. But today, there’s levels to it. If you jump on to Instagram, you’ll see tons of #barberclips of men getting lathered, shaved and exfoliated. There’s even a rise on grooming products that are specialized for below the waist. 

We decided to go ahead and do some research listing out some of the best manscaping products and came across a bunch that were reviewed by GQ magazine. Below, we've highlighted which ones we believed had the most valuable and useful features. 

Let's take a look...

1. Wahl body groomer

$40 sold by Target or go on Amazon, they have everything…everything.

5-year warranty (that’s longer than my AppleCare warranty lol)

Multiple blades that can handle your beard, sideburns, mustache and eyebrows. We think these fall under the standard clean up in between barber visits.


2. Panasonic ER-SB40 – K trimmer

$150 sold by Amazon (see, everything)

19 different settings and cuts at a 9,800 cuts per minute (talk about fast af)

This one covers hair off your chest, groin and back hair including the hair on “the little guy and his friends” (We like to call them ‘The Jewels’). We bet this will have you feeling less crowded and…pleasantly windy??


3. Philips Norelco body groomer

$100 sold on Amazon

10-year warranty (that’s longer than most car batteries)

Full body groomer that has 25 different pieces. It comes in a cute and handy traveling case with cutouts and compartments. We consider this a one stop shop, especially for those who are always on to road.


4. Manscaped pubic har trimmer

$60 sold by Manscaped of course!

Specifically meant for the little guy and his friends. The angle in which it was designed specifically to glide along the curvature of your groin and equipment and protect from “harmful nicks”. They mention to have separate trimmer for the “friends” regarding hygiene. This was rated as the best dedicated pube groomer in the article.


5. Remington body and back groomer

$79 sold by Remington

Though you can use it all around, this was specifically designed to reach your back. It’s waterproofed and extends. Which is perfect if you are alone, or have a short reach. Rated as the best back trimmer.


6. ConairMAN grooming system

$9 sold by Conair

If you’re new to manscaping or just on a budget, this was rated for you. Its detailing and it can cover small patches of hair tackling your neckline, chest, shoulder ‘fuzz’ and eyebrows. Doesn’t sound bad to me especially for the price. Can we say stocking stuffer??


So whether you’re looking to trim the mane or whack the bush, there’s plenty of quality options to choose from. If you haven’t gotten the chance to experience a manscaping session, we highly suggest it. It’ll have you feeling refreshed and maybe even boost your confidence. Then you’ll finally understand why your mate cherishes their spa days. 

Do you use any of the following or think we forgot to mention any? Let us know in the comments below!


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