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by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

Skin Care Tips

2019 Waxing Trends - Vajacials

by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

2019 Waxing Trends - Vajacials

by Lindsey Walters

2 years ago

Ladies! How inconvenient are ingrown hair bumps??

Picture this. You’re getting ready to go live your best life on South Beach, when you go to slide into that bikini you JUST purchased, you end up realizing that a few unsightly ingrown hairs have decided to crash your party. 

Definitely a mood killer. Immediately, you think to yourself, “I just got a wax! Everything should be smooth!”

Maybe it’s time for a vajacial!

Though the word vajacial may seem new to you and I, the practice has been around for the better part of 10 years. It rose to popularity around 2013 in California and New York. A few salons started offering this treatment after realizing the increase of ingrown hairs and irritation that occurs after a wax.  Though I give much props to the clever-trendy name and the marketing geniuses’ behind it, at first it can seem awkward asking for this service, “Um, I’m here for a uhh va-ja-cial?” 

But the level of satisfaction you’ll get after one session will surely cast away all that awkwardness. They could’ve named it a “vaji-mask” for all I care; that will no longer stop me from booking the next session. 

What is it???

Ok, I’ve thrown around the word more than once and still haven’t given you a clear explanation of what a vajacial is. Well my darling, it’s distinctive grooming for vaginas that were recently waxed. 

Usually when you wax or do any type of hair removal, you are prone to irritation, discoloration and scarring. A Vajacial is the process of tackling those issues in a series of steps. All Vajacials include a cleansing, extraction and exfoliation.

Typical vajacial process

1. Warm towel placed over vagina. This softens the skin.  

2. Clean area with basic skin cleanser. (Most spas will probably carry their own generic brand.)

3. Exfoliate skin with an AHA scrub. This is an ‘Alpha Hydroxy Acid’ which opens pores and exposed ingrown hairs.

4. Extract ingrown hairs with tweezers or one of those condone extractors that Dr. Pimple Popper uses(shout out to all my Pop-Holics!)

5. Massage and cover vagina with a spa-like peel/mask, which may vary. I have seen a thick gel with exfoliating beads that peels off, a thick paste with exfoliating beads that wipe off and a 24k gold peel that rubs off with an oil. The point of this is to penetrate the skin on s deeper level.

6. Once peel/mask is removed, a moisturizer is applied. This could be a cream or oil.


Depending on the amount of extractions needed, the vajacial process can last anywhere from 15 mins to over an hour. Luckily, this feature is showing up at salons all over so it shouldn’t interfere with your South beach vacay. This is something I recommend to anyone to try at least once, so why not now? You’ll still have plenty of time to live your best life, bump free.


Finally decided to get a Vajacial? 

When it's time to remove hair from intimate areas, always remember that Viblok® Skin Defense Lotion is the must have, post-shave and wax essential. Viblok® seals microscopic nicks and tears on the skin that may have occurred during the intimate grooming process, leaving the area smooth to the touch. 

VIBLOLK® Skin Defense Lotion

Consider VIBLOK® your new grooming essential designed for your most sensitive skin and your most intimate areas.