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Bikini Wax: What You Need to Know and Aftercare

Bikini Wax: What You Need to Know and Aftercare

Everything you need to know about getting a bikini wax and the aftercare. But first, let’s start with this question: Is waxing better than shaving? Well, not necessarily.

On the contrary to popular belief, waxing is not better than shaving or vice versa; the side effects will depend on your skin. Waxing can harm your skin if done often or incorrectly. Most women who get a bikini wax consistently suffer from irritated skin, dryness, and ingrown hairs.

According to a study, 80% of people who removed their genital hair reported itchiness as a side effect. Because wax is not only removing pubic hairs but also removing a microscopical layer of skin, made up of mostly dead cells, this increases the chance to experiencing irritation, dryness, redness, and after-waxing bumps.

We have some tips you can try before and after to prevent experiencing any kind of discomfort.

Tip #1

Moisturize your pubic hair daily, especially the days before a wax. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive skin. Our Skin Defense Lotion is perfect not only for aftercare, but as a daily moisturizer for your intimate area. It’s a rich, odorless and tasteless (emoji) cream.

Tip #2

Trim your hair. Having longer hair makes your wax more painful, than it should. So, make sure you have a medium length before going to your appointment.

Tip #3

Also, make sure your salon applies an appropriate aftercare gel or lotion immediately after the session. Your freshly smoothed skin needs to be soothed, sealed, and moisturized to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. Use a moisturizer that absorbs quickly with no fragrance. You can bring our Skin Defense Lotion with you if your esthetician doesn’t have one already.

Tip #4

Wear loose panties and pants. Anything that creates heat, sweating or friction is a big NO for up to 48 hours, as this could aggravate the area and lead to irritation and redness getting worse.

Tip #5

Avoid activities that will irritate your skin for at least 24-48 hours. These include working out, swimming, saunas or having sex. Try to keep the area clean and dry. The potential friction caused by sex could lead to painful irritation. In addition, a freshly waxed bikini area contains many open pores; sex could also introduce harmful bacteria into your skin and lead to bad outcomes, such as after-waxing bumps.

Tip #6

No touching. Make sure no hands touch down there either for the first two days, as this can also encourage irritation and small pimples. 

Tip #7

Avoid hot showers and perfumed soaps for a couple of days, as this may irritate your bikini wax area. Try a cooler bubble bath, maybe?

I know you've all heard post-waxing horror stories, but if your waxer knows what they’re doing, and you’re careful with aftercare, you can minimize your chances of encountering any of these issues. We highly recommend investing in an entire skincare regime for your intimate skin.

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team