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Christmas Plans Ideas

Christmas Plans Ideas

To make Christmas extra special this year, we came up with a list of Christmas plans ideas you can do to enjoy with family and friends!

1. Christmas Lights & Christmas Markets

We are not fan of the cold, but once winter has set in, we can’t deny the landscape looks beautiful with the snow on the streets and enchanting Christmas ornaments in the façade of the houses. Breathe in all the holiday magic by making a small tour around your illuminated neighborhood (or one nearby) on Christmas Day. Additionally, you can check out your city’s schedule because some towns usually host a Christmas market for small businesses or do an event to light up the tree downtown. Ask your local authorities about these holiday events, and don’t miss them!

2. Host a Christmas Karaoke Night

It’s time to move the car karaoke you do on your way to work every day to a fun night with your friends. Show them you know every word of the Mariah Carey hit “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Sing all the Michael Bublé songs, Frank Sinatra’s and even Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s for those born on the 2000s. Bonus points if you can remember all the lyrics after several glasses of eggnog. Karaoke is definitely a must in your holiday plans!

3. Do a Christmas Movie Marathon

Watching Christmas movies non-stop is definitely our favorite plan! Go all the way back to 80s Hallmark classics to recent Netflix releases. Gather your buddies and snuggle up for a Christmas Day viewing experience. Hot chocolate or hot cocktail, and cookies are a MUST. Just to give you a few ideas, our favorites are: The Holiday, E.L.F., The Grinch, and Christmas Prince on Netflix.

4. Clean-up & Donate

Nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit on Christmas Day than giving back, right? Find your closest charity or get one which cause resonates more with you, and start collecting used clothes, houseware, bathing, and feminine products, etc. Here are some charities you can donate to: the Salvation Army, Dress for Success, Goodwill and Soles4Souls. This little acts of kidness will make you happier and grateful.

5. Prepare Hot Cocktails

We have two cocktail recipes that we made a holiday shift to, that you’re going to LOVE! Perfect to complement your Holiday plans.

Mulled Wine Sangria - Heat up red wine with orange and cinnamon for a wintry sangria that'll warm you right up. The ingredients are:

 -  1 bottle red wine 
 -  ½ cup orange juice
 -  ¼ cup honey
 -  2 oranges, sliced
 -  2 cinnamon sticks
 -  ½ cup brandy

In a large pot, combine all the ingredients. The, heat the mixture over medium-low heat until it’s very warm but not boiling, 8 to 10 minutes.

Christmas Punch Bowl – this will add a little sparkle to your festivities. Mix all the ingredients and garnish with fruits. The ingredients are:

 -  ½ bottle of dry sparkling wine
 -  ¼ bottle of dark rum
 -  Ginger ale
 -  Cranberry juice
 -  Fresh cranberries
 -  Orange slices

6. Make Unique Christmas Cookies or Gingerbread House

This one is perfect to make heart-warming memories with your loved ones, especially when they are kids. Make fun cookies by playing with chocolate chips, coconut, sprinkles, frosty, and even food coloring. Pick out some holiday-themed cookie cutters and let the baking party start! Your home will be filled with the smells of fresh-baked cookies. You can use these delicious cookies to accompany your movie marathon.

Also, you can buy several packaged Gingerbread House and have a contest of who decorates the coziest and Christmas-y house. This is your time to be your most creative self and decorate your dream fairytale house. For sure, this will keep your family entertained.

7. Organize Secret Santa Exchange

Lastly, a Secret Santa Gift Exchange is perfect to complement your Christmas dinner. Our favorite way to play it is for the Secret Santas to leave clues throughout the month (you can give chocolate or candy with a note to that person). And then on Christmas Day, when it’s time to exchange gifts, you can play a ‘guess who game by describing the person who you are giving the gift to, with funny or spicy things until the others guess.


Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team