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Feminine Wipes: Choosing the Best for Your Vulva

Feminine Wipes: Choosing the Best for Your Vulva


    Feminine wipes have become a savior for women all over since they entered the beauty industry. Though feminine wipes are a great friend to have by your side, it’s important for women not to settle when it comes to the things that come in contact with their vulvas (and we aren’t just talking about your sexual partners.)


In lieu of the launch of our very own VIBLOK ® Intimate Wipes, we have created this article to keep you informed on the most important factors to consider when purchasing and using your own feminine wipes.


Are you a good candidate to use feminine wipes?


The following people are all good candidates for using feminine wipes:

  • Women who live in frequently warm climates that can’t manage good hygiene when they’re constantly sweating.
  • Women who finds themselves very busy and may forget or skip feminine hygiene practices for longer periods of time than usual.
  • Women who gets self-conscious about the smell of their genitals before intimate interactions.
  • Women who wants to be more hygienic, but often find themselves feeling too lazy to shower and carry out the whole sha-bang.
  • Women who just like to be as clean as possible as often as possible. 
  • Women who just wants to make life easier for themselves in general.

The following people may not be good candidates to use feminine wipes:


  • Women that are prone to yeast infections, experiencing abnormal discharge, and lesions.


It’s best not to disrupt the balance even more by exfoliating an area that may already be under distress. If this if your case, take it straight to the gynecologist.


What kind of ingredients make up a good feminine wipe?


Your vulva is as sensitive and delicate as a flower, so you have to treat it as such. This means being careful and considerate of the ingredients you expose it to. According to Women’s Health, “The best feminine wipes will be made of natural ingredients and free of irritating parabens, dyes, and fragrances.”


Certain feminine wipes may advertise “Ph balancing” ingredients like alcohol. However, according to gynecologists like Dr. Alyssa Dweck, this should never be the main reason for purchasing feminine wipes.


During her segment in the Good Housekeeping article, Dweck states, “If a wipe contains alcohol, it may be called antibacterial, but this property may not be long lasting and surely will not treat a bacterial infection, therefore, "pH balancing" or "antibacterial" claims on feminine wipes should not be the main reason for purchasing.”


What are the best times to utilize feminine wipes?


Feminine wipes are best saved for those moments when you feel the need to freshen up. Feminine wipes are easy to use when you don’t have time to shower, or you’re leaving a sweaty climate and want to feel more clean.


Feminine wipes can be used to eliminate odors caused by things like sweat buildup, but they should not be used to mask abnormal odors that are in need of your attention. According to most gynecologists, it should also be noted that feminine wipes are made for external use only, internal use around your vaginal area could be subject to unpredictable consequences.


What makes the Viblok Feminine Wipes such a good choice for all Women?


For starters, the VIBLOK ® feminine wipes check off every box when it comes to what gynecologists consider healthy and safe ingredients to expose to your vulva. The VIBLOK ®feminine wipes are made with natural ingredients that are proven to mesh well with even the most sensitive skin.


The VIBLOK ®  feminine wipes are perfume, paraben, and alcohol free. Leaving out these ingredients helps to maintain a cleaner vaginal area, while not taking away the natural scent that a healthy vagina should have. With soothing ingredients like vitamin E and green tea, the VIBLOK ®  intimate wipes will leave your genital area feeling just as comfortable as it will be refreshed.



By: Clare Kehoe