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Gender Equal Work Environment

Gender Equal Work Environment

How To Ensure Equality 

In Your Work Force! 

We've come a long way throughout history as far as gender equality(we'll exemplify a timeline next week) and it's important we continue to progress.

There is so much talent in all people. Why limit our work force to motivating just one gender, when the success of the company is endless when combining forces and creating equality. Here's a few ways to ensure gender equality in your workplace!


Left Top To Right: Fernando, Director Of Digital Marketing; Ty Cross, CEO of CLJI Worldwide; Isabella, Social Media Coordinator                            Bottom Left To Right: Kenya, Director of Sales; Jessica, Social Media Strategist

It starts at recruiting: Keeping leaders & HR accountable 

Leaders along with HR should create a guideline for the hiring process. Create a list of skill and personality assessment questions based on the position you are hiring for to ensure you choose the best candidate for the role, not the best gender for the role. 

Show me the money...but equally

Company leaders should discuss and implement a set pay in equivalent roles, as well as equal opportunities for promotions and benefits. This creates not only more motivation, but a team infused environment  that creates progression in the company's goals. 

Hear us out: Individually and together

When it comes to ideas, meetings, campaigns or anything that requires thoughts to be heard, each individual and or gender should have the right to share their ideas and add them to the table in a group setting. When it comes to in work drama or problems. Allow each gender/individual express their concerns equally but in private. Allowing all individuals to be heard equally not only creates a calm and harmonious work environment but it creates a fruitful one. Leaving individuals to feel safe at work and a company they desire to be loyal to. 

Happy hour anyone!: Schedule team building hangouts

Work can be stressful, with stress comes tension....created tension between employees when it comes to meeting deadlines, handling overflow of clients/customers and or patients or simply just a lot of work. It's important as leaders to alleviate that tension between our employees by giving them a break sometimes and re-create unity to ensure quality results and outcome at work. Scheduling team building nights are not only fun and relieves stress, but it reminds co-workers what they have in common when it comes to working together and similar interests to connect over with. 

Written By: Jessica Malinetescu 
VIBLO Creative Team