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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you’ve ever removed hair, you are probably familiar with ingrown hairs and wish to know how to prevent them. You’re not alone. It’s not fair we put all this effort into our shaving routine to get skin we love and then we experience painful irritation.   We decided to dig deep and get you, life shaver tips. But first, let’s review the basics:

  - Ingrown hairs are medically known as “pseudofolliculitis barbae.”
  - They are hairs that have curled back on themselves rather than growing out through your skin, due to clogged hair follicles or having curly hair that's prone to growing in different directions.
  - The main cause is improper shaving technique. But waxing or plucking can cause ingrowns too.
  - Some symptoms are itching skin, razor burn, or irritation surrounding the hair.

So, how to prevent ingrown hairs?

1. Stop removing your hair

The easiest way to prevent ingrown hairs y to stop doing what causes them. After you stop removing your hair should heal completely in approximately 6 months (depending on the extent of the damage). Cutting hair with a razor very close to the skin causes the hair to have a sharper tip and becomes more likely to get trapped. When a hair penetrates your skin, your skin reacts as it would to a foreign body — that’s when it becomes swollen and irritated. So if stopping shaving is not an option, no worries keep reading.   - Shave in the direction of hair growth - Don’t wear tight clothes after shaving - Moisturize (Psst… use our Skin Defense Lotion) 

2. Exfoliation

It’s always a good idea to use warm water and a gentle exfoliator or washcloth in the area before shaving. Sometimes a hair follicle can be clogged by dead skin, causing the underlying hair to grow in the wrong direction. So, this will slough off dead skin cells and open hair follicles. You can also use natural exfoliators such as:

  - sugar
  - coffee
  - salt
  - baking soda

3. Shave in the direction of hair growth with a good razor

Shaving in the direction that your hair grows causes the least irritation. Go in the direction of the hair, especially for the underarms and your bikini line. And avoid passing over the same area twice. And most importantly, use a clean, sharp razor blade to remove hair. Rinse your razor blade between each pass. With a dull razor, you’ll likely have to go over the skin multiple times, or run the risk of cutting yourself, and possibly, getting an ingrown hair or infection.

4. Dry off before getting dressed

Dry off completely before you get dressed. Otherwise, the friction between damp skin and clothing can irritate, and this will prevent to show off your best skin. Also, don’t wear tight clothes for the first days after waxing or shaving, this can also increase the possibility of irritation and razor bumps.

5. Apply shaving foam or gel

Apply something that will lubricate your skin for a few minutes before shaving to soften the hair. This helps avoid a too-close shave. Otherwise, dry shaving will create sharp edges that are more prone to growing back into your skin. Of course, we recommend our VIBLOK Shaving Foam which hydrates skin while shaving and prevent razor burns.

6. Don’t reach for the tweezers

It can be tempting to use the tweezers when you spot a stray pubic hair on your bikini line but fight it. If you tweeze the hair, it might leave a fragment of hair under the skin surface, which could result in an ingrown hair.

7. Don’t pull at your skin for a closer shave

Stretching your skin during shaving allows the tips of the remaining hair to shrink back into your skin and grow there, making it easier for them to become ingrown hairs. Do your best to let your skin sit naturally while shaving.

8. Always moisturize

Moisturizing keeps your skin smooth and hydrated. It also reduces the chances of irritation because it reinforces the skin’s protective barrier. Moisturizing especially when you used an exfoliator as the first step, because it can dry the skin out. Our VIBLOK Skin Defense Lotion is perfect to soothe and seal the skin from microscopic nicks and tears while the skin heals naturally.

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team