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New Year’s Resolutions Guide

New Year’s Resolutions Guide

Heads up: if you’re making your list of resolutions, there’s a chance than half of them will be forgotten or will fail. But this year, it doesn’t have to be this way. We prepared a New Year’s Resolutions Guide for you.

There are two main reasons why people don’t stick to their resolutions:

1. They’re not the right resolutions for them.

2. They don’t have a plan.

Pick the Right Resolution

Try not to be vague and pick a resolution that isn’t based on what someone else does or wants. This is YOUR resolution, and you’re the one that would have to go through it. To know if it’s a good resolution you can make yourself some questions:

1. Do I really want this? Or is this just to “sound good”?
2. Would this conflict with others? If so, you have to work out the differences.
3. Is it positive? Your resolutions are about what you want, not what you want to get rid of. For example, I’ll be fit and healthy, instead of I want to lose fat to be skinnier.
4. And lastly, is it detailed? Try to include as many details as you want.

Make an Action Plan

Just as we were taught in school about S.M.A.R.T. objectives, we can apply that to resolutions too. You will have your best shot at succeed in your resolutions if you set goals that are doable and meaningful too.   Remember:
 -  Specific
 -  Measurable
 -  Achievable
 -  Relevant
 -  Time-bound

Write Your Resolutions Down & in Positive Way

We recommend writing the resolutions as you accomplished them already. Don’t say “I want,” “I wish,” or “I need.” Say “I have,” “I am,” or “I own.” Start manifesting

Make it Fun

Most of us strive for perfection when achieving our goals. But, sometimes we put a lot of pressure on us that we forget the most important part: enjoying the act of pursuing and achieving a goal. So, try to enjoy the process, have fun, and make it a nice time. For example, if your goal is to get a high score on a test, don’t schedule too many hours of distraction-free study, instead try taking breaks to re-energize.

Ultimately, our New Year’s resolutions exist to improve ourselves, and are a fun way to visualize our dream life in the new year. Happy Holidays everybody! May your wishes come true 💕 


Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team