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Should I Get an Epilator?

Should I Get an Epilator?

Before deciding if you should use an epilator, let’s first explain the basics…

Epilating is a method of hair removal, essentially tweezing, but much faster. The device, the epilator, has a rotating head of tweezers that traps hairs and then pulls the hairs from the root as you glide it across you skin.

Epilators can be used in any part of your such as arms, legs, pubic area, and even your face.  There are two types of epilating: dry, which is convenient, or wet, which provides the convenience of removing hair while in the bath or shower.

Does it hurt? Yes, but beauty is pain (sometimes). Am I right? Some people experience pain, especially the first time. But the good thing is that the more you epilate, the less pain you may experience - depending on the area of your body.   However, the reasons why you should start epilating overweight the negatives; the results are totally worth it. This might be the method you didn’t know you were looking for. 

Worthy investment

Buying a single epilator is cheaper than paying for repeated wax sessions at a salon. Besides, epilators are much more portable for on-the-go hair removal.

Smoother skin for dayzzz

Since the hair is removed from the root-instead of just the ends, the results may last longer since it takes longer for hair to regrow when it’s removed from the roots.   Removes short hair   Just as you use the tweezers to remove hairs that were left behind after shaving or waxing, the epilator will work the same way. So, no need to wait long until your hair grows, the epilator will grab it and make it disappear. Some epilators can pull hairs as small as 0.5 mm in length.

Less hair over time

After being consistent with epilating for a decent amount of time, we can expect the hair to grow back softer and finer. Also, hair may even regrow at a slower rate. Of course, it depends on the part of your body, but you will definitely start noticing less hair in some parts.

Quick and easy

Epilating is quick, easy and completely mess-free. Epilating is very straightforward unlike waxing, that's why is the best portable way to remove hair. You just need  the device and the charger.

Can't finish without giving you some tips...

  - Exfoliate your skin before using an epilator to prevent ingrown hairs. Also, it removes dead skin cells that makes your skin look brighter and smoother.

  - Moisturize your skin after using an epilator to reduce irritation.

  - Do it a night because sometimes you can get redness or bumps after epilating. You will need just a few hours until the irritation goes away.   


Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team