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VIBLOK® has you covered from your post-grooming routine to keeping you feeling fresh when you need it the most. With our Skin Defense Lotion and our NEW Intimate Wipes, you can rest assured that your most sensitive areas will be taken care of. OB/GYN and Physiatrist created, our products are laboratory and clinically tested.

Skin Defense Lotion

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Intimate Wipes

Get you some

VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion

Is a premium cream-based lotion scientifically designed for post-grooming and daily skincare for the most intimate and sensitive areas.
Made with natural and 100% non-toxic hypoallergenic ingredients.

  • Soothes skin

    Moisturizing and hydrating, VIBLOK® smooths and softens, reducing redness and irritation caused by intimate grooming.

  • Adds protection

    VIBLOK® seals your pores and supports your skin’s natural defenses to reduce exposure between you and the external influences you may encounter.

  • Goes on clear

    Virtually unscented, colorless, and flavorless, you can apply VIBLOK® with no worries and no awkward conversations.

VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes

Are gentle, soothing and ideal for a quick freshening up throughout the day. Uniquely formulated for your most sensitive skin, our premium on-the-go wipes are perfume free, pH balanced and contain natural ingredients. Keep it fresh anytime, anywhere!

• Nourishes and soothes using vitamin E and green tea.

• Moisturizes and reduces bacteria, protecting the skin’s overall integrity.

• Our natural ingredients serve as effective cleansing and antibacterial agents that are gentle for your most sensitive skin.

• Our product does not contain synthetic scents that may cause dryness and alter your healthy pH, which can lead to irritation or infection.

• No testing is done on animals. We are a proud cruelty- free brand.

• Sustainable and eco-friendly, our cloths are made from 100% FSC approved plant-based fibers. No testing is done on animals. We are a proud cruelty- free brand.


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