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What is VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion?

VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is a scientifically designed post-grooming and daily skincare lotion for your most intimate and sensitive bits.

Where can VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion be applied?

VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion can be applied safe and effectively anywhere on the body where grooming has taken place. It is not intended for internal use. It is primarily used on sensitive areas such as your face, neck, underarms and bikini area.

Is VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion safe to use?

Yes! We’ve got your back and your bits covered  VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is clinically and laboratory tested to be 100% safe and non-toxic. 

Can VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion be used by anyone?

Yes! VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is for everyone, whether you groom or not.

Can VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion be applied to wet skin?

Although VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion has hydrophobic (water repelling) properties,it should be applied to clean dry skin.

Is VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion all natural?

VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is 77% all-natural ingredients. 33% are man-made. VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is 100% non-toxic, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. 

How long will a bottle of VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion last?

With our advanced airless pump technology, a 30ml size bottle has 120 pumps and the 50ml size bottle has 200 pumps. Each pump, regardless of bottle size, puts out 0.25ml of VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion. The average person will use about 2 to 4 pumps, or 0.50ml to 1.00 ml depending on the area to which VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is being applied.

When should I apply VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion?

For best results you should apply VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion immediately after any grooming activity and as a part of your daily moisturizing routine. 

Can you use VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion if you have hair?

Yes, of course you can! VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is good for your skin and conditioning for your hair, if it is present. VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is a super-rich lotion. Therefore, if hair is present, keep in mind that it will take longer to rub in fully. 

Does VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion help to prevent ingrown hairs?

Yes! VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion helps to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs overtime with consistent use. 

Does VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion have a scent?

VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion is fragrance free. Fragrances can alter your pH levels and are not good for your body. That’s why we’d rather leave them out 

Where can I purchase VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion?

All VIBLOK® products are available for purchase on, Amazon and select salons across the US. 

Is VIBLOK® Skin Defense Lotion cruelty free?

Yes! VIBLOK® is a proud cruelty free brand!

What is the company behind the VIBLOK® Brand?

VIBLOK® is owned, operated and manufactured by CLJI Worldwide, LLC.


Are VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes natural and non-toxic?

VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes are made with natural ingredients and are non-toxic.

Are VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes Flushable?

No, but they are eco-friendly and made from 100% FSC approved plant-based fibers.

Do VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes have a scent?

Although our wipes have a slight scent of green tea and vitamin E, they are perfume free. 

Is there alcohol or any harsh chemicals in VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes?

No! We do not use any alcohol or harsh chemicals in our Intimate Wipes. 

When should you use VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes?

VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes are to be used whenever you need to freshen up. They are great for after the gym, on your period, for hot summer days, before sexual interactions and any other time you want to feel fresh, smooth and ready 

Where do you use VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes?

VIBLOK® Intimate Wipes are designed to be used in your intimate areas. They are safe to use anywhere on the body externally. No internal use is ever recommended. 

Instructions for use:

For external use only. Open seal, remove cloth and close seal. Unfold wipes and wipe from front to back. Use cloth only once, then throw away. Do not flush.


Can I dry shave with VIBLOK Shaving Foam?

Yes, you can! Our hydrating and conditioning formula allows for enough hydration that you don’t even need water to shave. Great for when you’re in a rush or on the go!

Does VIBLOK Shaving Foam have a scent?

VIBLOK Shaving Foam has a refreshing hint of watermelon from its watermelon extract. No unnatural added scents!

How long does a bottle of VIBLOK Shaving Foam last?

Our 100 mL VIBLOK Shaving Foam bottle will produce 83 pumps of foam. The bottle last about a month or more depending on your shaving habits!