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2023 Beauty Trends

2023 Beauty Trends

Skincare in 2023 is coming up strong and we tell you all about the beauty trends you're going to see E-VERY-WHERE!

Keep Building Your Barrier (skin-wise, not emotional)

Using products to nourish our skin barrier remains a priority in 2023. If you want healthy-looking skin, then you must use ingredients that will boost the health of your skin barrier. A healthy moisture barrier retains water better, keeping your skin hydrated, and smooth, and improving elasticity.

The ingredients that will help you achieve this are ceramides and probiotics. So, it’s time to cut back on active ingredients and focus on soothing, hydrating ones instead.

For this reason, healing ingredients and hydrating makeup formulas will be at the forefront in 2023.

Peptide Lip Treatment

Experts have forecasted that peptides will be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2023. But what is peptide lip treatment? - famously known as Hailey Bieber’s lip gloss from Rhode.

Peptide lip treatments are a restorative method to create naturally plump and soft lips. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and discoloration, while  strengthening and rebuilding damaged skin. Peptides are made from chains of amino acids that helps with collagen formation and wound healing.

Science-Backed Skincare

We’ve seen how numerous celebrities have leveraged their names to come up with amazing community-driven brands in the past years, but it seems experts will be taking the wheel in the beauty industry in 2023. 

The reality is that consumers have become more interested in the science of skin health. They started educating themselves on their skin type, ingredients, and products, becoming smarter shoppers.

Doctors saw this opportunity and started bottling their expertise, resulting in an increasing number of doctor-founded brands. Consumers trust the research and knowledge behind these brands and the effectivenes of their products. This is the case of VIBLOK®, founded by doctors, is a science-based intimate skincare line.

Therefore, a new wave of science-led skincare brands is emerging. They create products using engineered natural ingredients which, experts say, will clash with the famous “clean beauty” movement.

Body care as Skincare

Body care is the new skincare. People are starting to give as much attention to their body skin, as they do to their facial skin.

The body care category is rising and evolving beyond a “skincare-as-self-care” mindset and into something much more functional and targeted. As you might have noticed, body skincare concerns aretalked about more openly, therefore, more brands have started creating products to target these issues.

VIBLOK®, for example, has always talked openly about ugly ingrown hairs, razor burns, bikini line irritation, etc. And has always encouraged women to feel confident in their skin despite these!

Get ready because the body acceptance movement will be one of the biggest 2023 beauty trends! 

Multitasking Products

We are entering the era of the “clean girl” look and skinimalism: quicker, more efficient, and even more affordable skincare routines.

As consumers are more educated about what’s in their products, they are looking to get the best value out of these. People are looking for products that will give them actual results because now they know where and how to spend their money, it’s not 2020 anymore.

Additionally, as Gen Zs and Millennials become the largest pie of the market, they have shifted the public's preferences to seeking a low-maintenance look, or as Gen Zs would say a ‘glowy skin’ look. This trend can be traced back to the skin barrier trend, people now want their skin to look and feel healthy.

Therefore, consumers have become smarter shoppers and look for products that can be used in more than one way. For example, skincare-makeup hybrids, are products that function like makeup but have skincare benefits. That’s right, we’re about to see a lot more multi-use balms, tinted moisturizers, vitamin-boosted makeup primers, and facial oils for a hydrating radiance. Essentially blurring the lines between the skincare and makeup categories.

“Notox” Tweakments

As at-home skin devices get sleeker and more efficient with every passing year, the desire from consumers to get these needle-free and affordable alternatives is rising.

Tweakments are noninvasive treatments such as LED facials and skin rejuvenation, as well as “notox” products and devices that help you to replicate the effects of a cosmetic procedure without the cost and pain. If you scroll on TikTok for 5 minutes, you’ll watch a video of a girl using these LED masks and talking about the benefits of doing the treatment at home. Great investment if you are into skincare!


Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team