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Best Shaving Practices For Women 2024

Best Shaving Practices For Women 2024

If you are one of the many women who shave their bikini area, you know the pain of the shave gone wrong. Ingrown hairs, angry red skin, and bumps seem like they are just part of the package in terms of shaving.

Therefore, is there a great way to shave or should you consider splurging on the wax? Below are some of the best shaving practices in bikini area for every woman.

Invest in High Quality Bikini Razor

Choosing the best and right razor is the first thing you should take for consideration to ensure that your bikini line does not look like you have got something contagious. Selecting a sturdy and firm razor with soothing strips can make a big difference. While throwaways are good for use when traveling and may get the work done, these are considered disposable for a reason.

Never Skip Shaving Foam/Cream

Some of you might think that shaving cream is just a smell- and feel-good component to the shaving process, but it is way more than that. Experts said that once you shave, you are shaving your skin as well. If you do not use adequate shaving cream to make enough slip, you will abrade your skin, which leaves it irritated. Same to the quality bikini shaver you are supposed to purchase, never reach for a cheap and random shaving cream. You can use good quality shaving gel with moisturizing ingredients. Types of bases including coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter will provide the right buffer for your razor. Just apply a thin layer to the area that should be shaved so you may see the hair shaft and skin underneath. It is much safer.



Remember Technique!

The way you shave can be important, particularly for those who are prone to the bumps. Going in a lot of various directions with the razor makes subsequent ingrown hairs and cuts more.

Shave in a single direction with hair growth. While gliding the razor gently on your bikini line, keep your blade downward without too much pressure. A single pass must be fine, particularly if you are using razor with a lot of blades. More blades mean fewer times you need to re-shave this sensitive area.

Make Sure to Calm Your Skin After Shaving Your Bikini Area

As soon as put the razor down, wash off and hold cold compress to the area for ten minutes to avoid irritation. Apply the anti-redness serum to reduce the chances of experiencing razor burns. It is recommended to use tea tree oil, which is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. This can help you calm razor burns. If you have irritation, you should use more intense creams to reduce pain, swelling, and redness.


It is crucial to moisturize and hydrate always after shaving. Apply alcohol-free, unscented moisturizer to both sides of bikini area to lock in moisture and prevent over-drying that can result to further irritation. It is also a good idea to look for the products that contain aloe vera, vitamin E and jojoba oil for hydration.

Clean the Razor After Shaving

Sanitize your blades using rubbing alcohol and hot or warm water. Once your razor looks rusty and you have been using it for quite some time, throw it away. Replace the old blades once you have used them for more than 5-7 shaves. You may also cut your losses through storing bladders in a dry and clean place so they do not pick up bacteria.

Those are just some of the best shaving practices you should keep in mind when shaving your bikini area. Make sure to note all of them before you start shaving since it is sensitive and once you get it done improperly, you might experience discomfort that can be avoided at the first place.