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Vulva Care 101

Vulva Care 101

VIBLOK® is on a mission to pamper everyone with a vagina, but it also includes spreading knowledge about how to treat it right. 

As we all should know by now, vulva and vagina are not interchangeable terms. The vagina is the internal part while the vulva is everything you see outside. I know, we were never taught as a teenager the proper feminine hygiene, but it’s very important to change that. In this blog, we’ll teach how to love your vulva.

In this loving relationship… less is more.

Despite what you may read, there are no special products or requirements for proper vulva care, but there are some things you can do to maintain a healthy, clean surrounding environment.

How to love your vulva right?

The skin down there is very sensitive and is as important as your face skin. You don’t know this yet but taking care of it will definitely boost your confidence.

So, we want to share a vulva care 101 quick class to keep your vulva stress-free and smooth:

1. Wash daily with warm water – all you really need is plain, warm water to rinse any debris that might be left. Using any soaps or gels could throw off the vagina’s pH, and lead to irritation, itching, and infection. So, if you don’t have time to shower, and need to clean up on the go, then wipes are a great alternative.  Try to find ones that are pH balanced, unscented, and alcohol-free. Recommended: Intimate Wipes.

2. Choose cotton over synthetic fabrics – cotton allows your vulva and vagina to breathe. It doesn’t trap any sweat or moisture. Wearing sweaty exercise gear or a wet bathing suit can increase the moisture in the area and cause infections or irritation. Hence, we recommend to reduce trapped sweat around the vulva by forgoing your underwear altogether at night.

3. Avoid artificial fragrances and alcohol-derived ingredients – perfumes added to sexy bath products can be irritating and can throw off your pH balance.

4. Keep your lady parts moisturized – factors like shaving, chafing, and even weather can cause dry skin down there.

5. Toilet paper vs. intimate wipes – we don’t think much about what low-quality toilet paper can do to our vulva, well, it can irritate. Therefore, we recommend using an extra soft toilet paper to take care of your vulva. However, if you are particularly sensitive, you can use intimate wipes that are soothing, and natural and will keep you clean and fresh down there. Most people don't learn this in vulva care 101 class, this is a pro-tip 😉


A few extra tips...

6. Before sex – if the foreplay didn’t do the job then lubricate your vulva with a lubricant that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that can throw off your pH balance. Look out for glycerin, petroleum products, parabens, scents, flavors, non-natural oils, and dyes.

7. After sex – clean your vulva with warm water to remove any extra debris to prevent infections.

8. To shave or not to shave – pubic hair protects the vulva from bacteria and viruses, and from friction during sex. As long as it’s regularly cleaned, pubic hair poses no health risk. Some women find hair uncomfortable because it leads to moisture and odor, so they choose to remove it. Whatever choice you made, it’s fine. Just keep in mind shaving can cause razor burn, redness, itching, and infection in follicles. Our Skin Defense Lotion can battle these skin concerns and keep your vulva happy.

If you are experiencing any uncommon discomfort, please visit your gynecologist. Never forget to have a yearly check-up if you’re sexually active we recommend visiting your doctor every 6 months. Keep loving your vulva the right way!  

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team