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The Real Benefits of a Skincare Fridge

The Real Benefits of a Skincare Fridge

The Real Benefits of a Skincare Fridge

It's getting very HOT outside, and we are all starting to feel like we need to cool off💦

Have you wondered if the heat affects your skin care products? Most products are made to be stored at room temperature.Therefore, exposing them to extreme enviroments will ruin them, even more, if they aren't packaged appropriately. This blog tells you all about the REAL benefits of getting a skincare mini-fridge besides for the Pinterest-perfect aesthetic room😉.   

Skincare fridges allow you to store your cosmetics in a cool, dry, dark place without having to run to the kitchen every time. Actually, mini fridges are great not only during summer, but for year-round use too.   

You can store facial rollers, eye patches, gua sha stones, vitamin C serums, eye creams, and sheet masks to heighten the cooling experience. This will make you feel refreshed and revitalized. You can transform your daily products into de-puffing, anti-inflammatory, and immediate glow products thanks to the boost of circulation you get from the cold of a skincare fridge.  

Additionally, refrigerating some products can also help them last longer. Especially those more perishable products like clean or natural formulas that might not contain many preservatives. These mini fridges will amp your skin-care routine and will make it feel like a ritual, spa-like treatment. They are the ultimate "treat yourself" acquisition for a beauty-lover.  

Before you get excited and put all the products you find in the fridge, keep in mind that not all products will benefit equally from being chilled. You should read the labels or ask your dermatologist. But to sum up, any product intended for anti-redness or soothing, or that helps conditions such as rosacea, itching, or sensitive skin can benefit from being used cold.

So, what you should look for in a skincare fridge?

Size: You actually want something significantly smaller than a regular mini-fridge. The term mini fridge covers a fairly wide size range. Before buying one make sure it’s the size you want and that fits on your counter, desk, dresser, etc.

Temperature settings: This will depend on your taste and some other purpose you want to give to the mini fridge later. Some get as low as 27 F, while others only go down to about 45 F. As long as it can go between 40-60 F, which is the ideal temperature for skin care products, it’s enough. You should keep the refrigerator, significantly cooler than room temperature.

Here is a list of the best-reviewed mini fridges in 2022:

  1. Frigidaire Portable Retro 6-Can Mini Fridge
  2.  Koolatron Mirrored LED Mini Fridge
  3. Cooluli Infinity 10 Liter Mini Fridge
  4. Kylie Skin Mini Fridge
  5. Crownful Mini Fridge

We understand getting a skin care mini fridge may sound like a luxury, and you probably can’t decide if it’s a worthy investment... For this reason, we decided to organize a little surprise for you! Stay tuned to our social media. Hint: Skincare fridge 😉

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team