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Best Razors for Women

Best Razors for Women

Before choosing what's the best razor for you, ask yourself two questions. First, are you doing wet shaving or dry shaving? Second, what body part are you working with?

If you are doing wet shaving, this is the article for you. Wet shaving means using water, or any pre-shave designed product, and a razor for hair removal. The benefits of wet shaving include better results, affordability, convenience, and speed. A popular opinion is that wet razors are the best for achieving an ultra-close, smooth shave.

Moreover, to find the best type of razor you should take into consideration its main features: the blade, the leading edge, and the handle. Overall, what you definitely look for in any razor is an ergonomic design, easy to grip and maneuver, also that is relatively affordable in the long-term, and deliver great results.

Lately, start-up beauty brands have redefined the best razors for women, upgrading the regular disposable razor and making them a tool worthy of investment. Here are our top picks:

1. Athena Club’s razor
2. The Single Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor by Oui the People
3. Flamingo Razor
4. Billie Razor
5. Gillette Venus For Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

If you pick your razor right, you will minimize irritation, itchiness and bumps, especially in the bikini line. Using a dull razor, skipping on exfoliation, or not stretching the skin with each shaving stroke, will only result in an irritated skin.

So we recommend choosing a razor with multiple blades to achieve a closer shave, with blades closer together to avoid nicking the skin. Also, the handle should be comfortable enough to avoid the need to vary the pressure applied during the shave to prevent razor burn.

So let’s talk about our picks…

Athena’s razor’s ergonomic handle bends easily to the curves and angles of the body. It has well spaced-out five blades surrounded by a water-activated, moisturizing serum for a smooth glide.

On the other hand, we recommend Oui the People’s Rose Gold razor for sensitive skin. The singular blade creates a close shave and naturally applies the perfect amount of pressure so that you don’t have to overcompensate and cause razor burn.

Another best razor for women is the Gillette Venus For Pubic Hair & Skin Razor, crafted specifically for your bikini line. The cartridges are smaller for easier manipulation in hard-to-reach areas, and the irritation defense bar between the two blades lets you get a close shave with very little skin contact. 

Similarly, Flamingo’s razor has a flexible five-bladed head and ergonomic handle that allows you to reach tricky areas. The head has protective moisturizing strips and a non-slip rubberized grip for a comfortable shaving experience at any angle.

Lastly, another affordable and comfortable option is the Billie Razor, which has a cartridge featuring five stainless steel blades surrounded by soothing aloe that prevents irritation.

We don’t really recommend disposable razors because of their lower-quality blades. You won’t achieve a close shave and you are more likely to cut yourself. Also, they are more wasteful and become more expensive in the long run. Shop these best razors for women and let us know the results!

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team