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5 Budget-Friendly Destinations for Labor Day

5 Budget-Friendly Destinations for Labor Day

Wait, what?… summer’s almost over?

Believe it or not summertime is coming to an end, so we want you to end this season in memorable ways. We made a list of 5 budget-friendly destinations that you’ll love. Because if you are like us, you're probably searching for last-minute getaways for Labor Day. But no worries, we got you! 

Prepare yourself because the places we will recommend aren't the typical crowded and touristy spots. These are places that you probably didn’t think of going this time of the year. And with fall being just around the corner, these are the perfect destinations to transition from one season to the other. You will find the best of both worlds.

As you may know, these places have expensive and non-expensive options when it comes to stay, restaurants, activities, etc. But, overall, they have been categorized as budget-friendly destinations. In regards to transportation, we decided to give you places located in different parts of the country so you have the option of buying a plane ticket or do a short drive.

1. Saugatuck, Michigan – enjoy the Lake Michigan before it gets very cold and take a walk around this pretty town

2. Raleigh, North Carolina – lots of restaurants, bars, hikes in the surrounding areas of the city and attractions to keep you busy

3. Cannon Beach, Oregon – Oregon’s beautiful coast has an ideal weather during this time of the year

4. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – a good gateway from the big cities nearby, Lake Geneva feels like a resort

5. Denver, Colorado – FYI just booked a trip for early September and wow you have to see the prices! Denver offers the best of both worlds, big city and nature. Just outside the city there are natural parks you can visit.

Written by VIBLOK Creative Team