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IS BUSH BACK? In a World Where the Woman Choose, Let’s Hear It from the Boys

IS BUSH BACK? In a World Where the Woman Choose, Let’s Hear It from the Boys


In a World Where the Woman Choose, Let’s Hear It from the Boys.

In 2013, American Apparel showcased dolls in their store windows rocking full bushes. Just a few years later, celebrities like Cameron Diaz started going vocal to the public on their beliefs about how women should be able to groom their privates as they please without being scrutinized.

It’s no secret that the 20th century trends of pubic hair grooming among females have been altered immensely since the Feminism movement started making waves, but does this mean that the bush may be making its first comeback since the 1970s?

The general consensus among women seems to be that the choice is their own now, but we wanted to hear from an external factor that could have a large impact on the choices women make pertaining to this subject. So we sought to find out more about the feelings of the control group- the male population.

We asked 50 males from the ages of 22 to 76 years old (Millennials, Generation X, and Boomers) the following four questions:

  1. How does the idea of the female bush coming back into style make you feel?
  2. Would how a woman chooses to groom her pubic hair be a relationship deal breaker?
  3. Bare, bush, landing strip or whatever she wants?
  4. Have you ever been intimate with a female who had a bush? If yes, how did it make you feel?

The responses showed a surprising variety, and possible foreshadowing for new trends and a new train of thought when it comes to pubic hair grooming. When we recorded our answers to the first question; “How does the idea of the female bush coming back into style make you feel?” we were given answers that zeroed in on some very big factors.

Out of the 50 men we questioned, 36 percent of them said they did not like the idea at all, expressing disgust when questioned about it.

 “It’s gross, I love to be able to go down on a girl I’m intimate with, and that’s like kissing a beard. Girls are soft and delicate, not rustic.” -Taylor, 30


Twelve percent of the men indicated that they would rather not have the bush come back, but it wasn’t a huge deal to them. Twenty percent of the men felt mostly indifferent about the subject, expressing that as long as women were hygienic and kept their pubic hair somewhat tamed, they would be okay with it. Next to oral sex and hygiene, factors like women’s rights played a large role in many of the answers to question one.

 “If I can be biased, I’m not a fan, but to each and their own! If it makes the women happy, support them,” - Andrew, 29 

“It’s kind of strange. If it’s a full bush, I’m not sure I’d love going down on it. But if it’s well- groomed then I wouldn’t mind- lady’s choice.” -Nick, 28
“Doesn’t matter to me honestly, whatever she wants to do with her body.”- Oscar, 29


Sixteen percent of the men who answered expressed a somewhat excited and curious attitude towards the trend.

“Not a huge fan of the bush, never been with someone who had one so I guess it would make me feel curious.” - Jose, 27

“I think a rotation could be nice, let’s spices things up.” - James, 26

“Pubic hair is kind of hot like tan lines. Makes it seem like it shouldn’t be shown, like a hidden gem.” - Nick, 28

 The remaining 16 percent were on board for the bush comeback.

“I like it, I love the bush.” – Eduardo, 53
“It’s great. It’s their body, why should social stigmas dictate how they groom it?”—Matt, 29


However, out of the majority of participants, no sole male expressed being all for the “wild and untamed” bush, but a trimmed and somewhat neat bush was a popular preference. One of the biggest factors that chimed in to this group seemed to be the association of pubic hair to maturity in women. 

“Not necessarily a bush but I’ve always preferred with some hair. I like the look of a woman, not an 11-year old girl.” - Nolan, 29
“I love it! Makes me feel like I’m with an ACTUAL woman and not a girl.” Bryan, - 31


Despite the highest percentage of men being against the idea of the bush coming back in the first question, when it came down to question number two, “Would how a woman chooses to groom her hair be a relationship deal breaker?43 percent of men answered that it would not be a deal breaker, with answers stating directly “no.”

A common trend with answers among this group was making it apparent that for the men, it was a loaded question. Their focus was based more on how communication and compromise in a relationship should be when it came to the subject.

Thirty-two percent of the men appeared to be more concerned with this than the actual subject of how the hair would be groomed, falling into the compromise category.

“I believe every person has preference for their own pubic hair, as well as for their partner’s pubic hair. So it requires an understanding between the individuals. A communication dance in tandem, if you will.” - TJ, 29
“If she asks what I like and takes that into consideration then no, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.”- Harry, 26


Another factor that arose among this group was the level of infatuation the male had with the particular female in question.

“I wouldn’t say deal breaker but I’d have to really like her and it would have to be a minimal bush. I couldn’t work with an afro looking bush so we would have to discuss a compromise.”- Dylan, 28

 The remaining 25 percent of the men answered that yes, for them, the way a woman chooses to groom her pubic hair would indeed be a deal breaker or deterrent from a relationship.

When posed with the third question, “Bare, bush, or landing strip?42 percent of the men chose bare as their leading preference.

“Bare is definitely the sexiest and most feminine, it turns me on the most.”- Jacob, 25


The landing strip, or variations of it, came in strong with some passionate answers. Twenty-two percent of the men answered with the landing strip as their top preference, and these men loved to expand on why. 

“Bare is preferred normally but I’ve seen an Asian girl with a landing strip that was pretty unique. So I’m going to have to go with a thin landing strip about that’s about 3-4 inches long, not too long not too short.” - Thomas, 26
“I would say anything she’s comfortable with, but the landing strip is gorgeous.”- Nico, 29


Others spoke of an interest in variations.

“I honestly love triangles; they are good for trying angles.”- Trevor, 24

Thirty percent of the men answered with indifference to the question, claiming the choice should be up to the woman herself.

“Whatever makes her feel most confident.”- Don, 36


However, a large sum of the men in this category followed their “whatever she wants,” answers with a personal preference, so it is actually whatever she wants?

“Whatever she wants, but preferably bare.”- Carson, 31


The small 6 percent remainder of men chose the bush as their personal preference.

 When it came down to our final question, “Have you ever been intimate with a woman who had a bush, if yes, how did it make you feel?” we were not able to get feedback from all the participants to create a spectrum, but we were able to identify the heavy impact of repeated factors such as oral sex, variety and level of infatuation.

“Yes I have. I didn’t mind it except it made me not want to go down on her, which is one of my favorite things to do when I’m attracted to a girl.”- John, 46
“Yes, going down with a lot of hair is not enjoyable.”- Mike, 28
“Yes, it kind of scared me a bit but I saw the beauty in her.”- Trey, 27


With only 14 percent of our participants fitting into the Gen X/ Boomer categories, we were interested to find that their perspective on the bush didn’t differ much from those in the millennial generation. Even after having lived through the era where the bush was popular, they expressed hope that it would not come back. 

“Because I’m older, most of my experience has been with bushes, shaved is nicer.”- Jim, 63
“Yes, we didn’t know any better in the 90s. It’s like you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.”- David, 41


A new factor that was brought into play with this question was how sexually adventurous or active the participants tend to be.

“Yes. Short bush and long bush. Definitely every time you see a bush you take a second glance but to be honest, once the pants are down it’s too late to go back anyways. So I’d say I still ended up feeling pretty good.” – Blaine, 26

In conclusion, the general consensus among males on this topic seemed to be that there isn't actually one. Though most of the men seemed to have a preference against the bush, most were heavily swayed by particular factors that left them in more of an undecided position. This type of position would more than likely leave their final opinion up to the situation at hand. Which is only sensible, seeing as life is situational, and this world of ours is ever-changing.

If you’re a heterosexual female, the opinion of the opposite sex is always likely to have an impact on how you choose to groom yourself. We hope that with this article, females can find relief in knowing there are many compassionate men out there that choose to view them as equals that are capable of making their own choices, because that is exactly what you ladies are. The results we found also pose a new challenge for the females out there; to communicate with the men you choose to be intimate with beforehand, because as the results have shown; they will probably appreciate it as much as you will. 

Whether you choose to keep your bush because it makes you feel comfortable, to remove because it makes you feel sexier, or to go get a landing strip because your boyfriend thinks it sexy, and making him happy makes YOU happy, every choice is acceptable when you remember that happiness and health are the goals.


VIBLOK® will be there to restore that protective barrier on your skin when the choice is hair removal, and this will ensure your health. So the choice that brings you to your happiness goals is only left up to one person, and just as it should be, that person is you!   


Author: Clare Kehoe