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Last-Minute Halloween Ideas (Costumes & Movies)

Last-Minute Halloween Ideas (Costumes & Movies)

Halloweekend is fast approaching, and if you are like us, you probably forgot to get a costume… So, we decided to write a blog with last-minute costume ideas that we know we probably would have needed today.

We bring you DIY, cute, and scary ideas for your spooky night out. We tried to find ideas that require minimum effort but still deliver maximum impact - to the point that it doesn't look like you totally forgot Halloween was coming up (which you almost definitely did). After all, Halloween isn’t Halloween without killer Halloween costumes, right? You'll be surprised by the ideas you'll come up with using materials stashed away in your closet and drawers.

Some of our favorite last-minute Halloween costumes

Powerpuff Girls 

What you'll need:  A pink, green or light blue dress (or skirt and top), a black belt, and a matching hair bow. 



What you'll need: A white dress, or white top and skirt. And LOTS of bandages, just wrap them around you very tight with safety pins. Do it as sexy as you like. This is our top last-minute Halloween costume, you just gotta run to the pharmay to get the bandages.


Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

What you'll need:  A white button-down shirt, black trousers, a wig (ideally, no worries if not) and some red lipstick for creating the fake blood coming out of your nose.


Goose and Maverick from Top Gun

What you'll need:  Ideally you will have fighter pilot outfits, in your closet just like Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards, no?! But I mean… let’s be realistic, we don’t. So, for those last-minute Halloween costumes, a mustache, aviators and green cargo pants will do about 90 percent of the work.


Lumberjacks Costume

What you'll need:  Get a flannel, jeans, and cute boots. Don't forget the suspenders and fake axes, you can DIY these with some cardboard and painting!


If you are not a fan of trick or treating, we have some easy and fun plans with your friends.

Watch Scary Movies All Night

The Halloween Saga – our personal favorite, Michael Myers is definitely the one killer to watch this Halloween.

Friday the 13th Scream – all of them, these are a classic

Hocus Pocus 1 & 2 - perfect if you are fan of Disney classics and don't like anything too spooky

Tim Burton movies – Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands are the best ones out there


Make Halloween Cocktails

Whiskey Apple Cider

Make sure your ingredients are nice and cold. Start with pouring cold, hard apple cider in the shaker. Then, add whiskey - we prefer Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey - we think this bourbon was meant for this cocktail! Add a splash or two of angostura aromatic bitters. Fit the shaker tightly with lid and shake vigorously. In a rocks glass filled with ice, strain the cocktail over the ice. Finally, add an apple slice from the apple picking trip, and a cinnamon stick to embellish your cocktail.


Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita

Choose your favorite bottle of smoky mezcal or favorite silver tequila. Add spiced apple cider, lime juice, sweeten it up with maple and a splash of triple sec. Then, put them all in the shaker and serve in a margarita glass. Pro tip: do a rim of cinnamon sugar, hmmm you will LOVE IT! This is your go-to margarita with a twist, SOOO GOOD!


Harvest Apple Mule

Lastly, our personal favorite mule. You will need vodka, apple cider, lemon juice, and ginger beer, mix them all together to make this drink hit your taste buds in all the right places. Serve it in a nice glass, instead of the copper, just to appreciate the colors. Can’t wait for you to try it!


This is it, have a happy, spooky, and fun Halloween babes!


Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team