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The Perfect Shower Routine for Healthy Skin

The Perfect Shower Routine for Healthy Skin

We’ve read many blog articles describing perfect skincare routines, and they all start after the shower and focus only on the face. But skin exists in other places too, so we decided to bring you this perfect shower routine for healthy skin. We will focus on the rest of the skin on our bodies that also deserve a lot of care.
Although showering seems to be the simplest and straight forward part of your beauty routine, dermatologists say there's a right way to do things to enjoy all of the potential skin boosting benefits of that process.
Step 1: Exfoliate

We recommend exfoliating before getting in the shower to remove dead skin cells and prep the skin. it will help the skin absorb the products more effectively. One of the best ways is through dry brushing, here is a blog article where we explain what you need and how to do it.

Step 2: Body Mask

Apply a body mask right 10 - 15 minutes before your shower routine, and rinse off in the shower. A body mask can help with all different kinds of skin concerns – acne, dry skin, irritation, and sun damage. Choose the right one for you. Some are formulated to exfoliate and brighten the skin, and others will soften and hydrate. It will also help with irritation after hair removal.   

Ingredients like shea butter or hyaluronic acid are perfect for hydrating. On the other hand, lactic or glycolic acid are great for brightening and smoothing the skin. However, if you have any skin condition, we recommend to consult your doctor before applying any of these ingredients. 

Step 3: Turn Down the Temperature

A perfect shower routine needs cold or lukewarm water. It makes our skin become firmer and healthier, by allowing it to retain its natural oils without drying out. Also, if you plan to shave, warm water causes the hair to become softer which makes it easier to shave and helps to prevent shaving irritation.

Do your go-to hair routine and apply shower gel. Avoid shower gels containing alcohol, it will dry out your skin. Also, avoid scented soaps if your skin is sensitive. Find a pH-balanced body wash that is more convenient than bar soap and is more moisturizing. Don’t use a large amount of soap, it will harm your skin, so a quarter-sized spurt should get most people clean.

Step 4: Get a Closer Shave (totally optional!)

This step is optional depending on your hair preferences, but if you do want to shave, we recommend doing it at the end of the shower, that's when your body hair has had enough time to soften. To prep the skin, we recommend using our Shaving Foam formula. It conditions skin and protects the sensitive areas from irritation and razor burn. It will also reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs and hydrates the skin. Plus, it has a fresh smell… watermelon 🍉  

Step 5: Aftercare

Out of the shower, apply lotion to your body as a finishing touch to your routine. Dermatologists suggest that applying a natural skin moisturizer within 3 minutes out of the shower helps to prevent dehydration caused by transepidermal water loss. If you did shave, apply an after-shaving lotion to soothe nicks and tears that will allow the skin to heal naturally. We recommend our best-seller Viblok Skin Defense Lotion. It will also provide immediate relief from irritation while moisturizing the skin. Lastly, it will strengthen the effect of the shaving foam on preventing ingrown hairs. And this is how it ends a perfect shower routine for healthy skin!

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team