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Skinimalism: 2022 Trend

Skinimalism: 2022 Trend

Skinimalism is the 2022 trend in TikTok and has got everyone switching from a 10-step skincare routine to back to basics. This newest beauty trend not only simplifies your beauty routine but benefits the planet too.

What is it?

Skinimalism is a movement toward embracing your real skin, is built upon a less-is-more ethos that produces results that are just as good as an extensive routine. We have this wrong idea that the more products we use, the more we are taking care of our skin, but it’s not always like that. In some cases, the less-is-more.

Having a simplified skin-care routine that is easy to follow, quick and to maintain will bring you more advantages than you imagine.

So how do we Marie Kondo this thing?

The solution is to swap some products for a few multitaskers or find a way to alternate them. The skinimalism trend doesn’t necessarily mean using simple formulations. The 3 essential steps all routines must include are: cleanse, hydrate and protect.

1.      Stop double cleansing. Try to find a cleansing that’s hydrating just to give an advantage to the second step, and maybe that also works as a makeup remover

2.     Next, hydrate with a simple cream that contains hyaluronic acid or with a multifunctional serum, such as Vitamin C serum which moisturizes and protects skin from free radicals of the environment.

3.     Lastly, wear sunscreen, this remains dermatologist’s favorite tool against again and skin cancer. This will be your non-negotiable.

A skinimalist beauty routine will be only 3 to 4 products morning and night. The goal is to stop doing skincare for entertaining and start getting products you actually need that will address your skin concerns. Using too many products on your skin can do more harm than good. There are products that shouldn’t be used together, or products that have the same function, so when used together you are giving an overdose to your skin. And we don’t want to overwhelm our organ with a daily ritual of too many cleansers, creams, toners, etc. 

 The most important thing in this newest beauty trend is consistency. It’s like a workout routine, showing up regularly, and make it habit.

Don't overwhelm your skin

 According to market-research firm  NPD Group, sales of skin care totaled $1.5 billion in the second quarter of 2021 alone. This is a 32 percent jump over the previous year.

The aggressive buying was caused by the pandemic, people were stuck at home, so they had the time and money to invest in skincare. Additionally, social media has helped people become more educated on skin care by following professionals. They are continuously soaking up skin-care content, which can lead overbuying of products.

Think of it as allowing your skin to take a break and repair itself. A simplified version that'll save you time, money, and unnecessary trial and error. It’s also friendly to the planet, less product, less packaging, less waste.

However, skincare is also an act of self-care and love. Feel free to add more products on a Sunday evening when you are trying to relax. It’s all about balance.   Our favorite part about this trend is that it encourages you to go #unfiltered and embrace the real, beautiful you.


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