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“Spring Clean”: How to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

“Spring Clean”: How to Transition Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

We all go Marie Kondo during this time of the year. We transition our wardrobe, cabinets, freezers, etc., but we often neglect to transition the most important thing – our skincare products.

With warmer and more humid days to come, our skin will require a new protocol to achieve a glowing and hydrated look. So how do we prepare for sunnier days ahead?  

#1 Declutter and re-organize your skincare products

Look at the expiration date of all your products and throw out anything that’s been opened for longer than six months. Also, notice any changes in color, consistency, or scent of your products since these can be indicators that something has gone bad. Not only will they not work as well, but they can also begin to host bacteria and germs which will only cause more harm than good to your skin. Expired products can clog your pores and make your skin dull, and no one wants that!

#2 Start Double-Cleansing

Springtime weather means spending more time outside, which also means more sweating and exposure to pollution and dirt from outside. So, when these are absorbed by the skin, they prevent the skin from fully soaking up the minerals and chemicals in skincare products, leaving the skin dull.   To avoid this first try using a nourishing cleansing balm and then a lighter water-based cleanser to refresh the skin. Or instead, use a micellar water/toner for an extra cleanse. This is recommended if you typically don’t experience any irritation or redness.

Tip: To soothe irritated skin, try a sheet mask for sensitive skin once a week. Alternate between purifying, exfoliating and hydrating masks.

#3 Exfoliate

Start exfoliating your skin if you haven’t done it yet. Usually, we avoid exfoliation during winter because our skin is already dry and itchy (contrary to popular belief, it is recommended we exfoliate when our skin is extra dry and flaky to get rid of dead cells). However, if you don’t want to risk exfoliating during the winter we understand. Now with the warm weather, it is the best time to start. You should exfoliate your skins twice a week!   It’s important to get back into the habit of removing dead skin and unblocking pores with a gentle exfoliating cleanser as sebum production and sweat start to accumulate. This is key to healthy, bright, and glowing skin during springtime.   Tip: Apply your favorite scrub and use your fingertips to spread it out with light pressure and remove the scrub gently in the shower or with a warm washcloth.

#4 Moisturize often, but switch to something lighter

Although winter is gone, and dry skin is less common, you still need to moisturize, but it’s time to put away your rich and nourishing face moisturizer and switch it for lighter hyaluronic acid or water-based formulas. These will be super light, feel fresh, and cool on your skin.   Thick creams combined with hot weather tend to cause an overproduction of the skin’s natural oils, which can then lead to clogged pores, blemishes and a shiny complexion. So, opt to using mists and serums under your daily moisturizer.

Tip: For a healthy glow look try using BB creams and tinted moisturizers.

#5 Add SPF, More Often

Prevent sun damage and premature aging by applying SPF more often during the day. SPF should be a must in our daily skincare routine, separately from our regular moisturizer and makeup (but it’s a plus if they are also included in your skincare products as an extra layer of protection). We recommend SPF 50.  Apply it in the morning and again before going outside.   It’s always important to check with your dermatologist first before doing any extreme changes to your skincare. 

Extra tip: Carry the right supplies to freshen up during these warm days – our Intimate Wipes are the perfect product for when you’re on the go!

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team