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Earth Day: Shop Eco-Friendly Skincare

Earth Day: Shop Eco-Friendly Skincare

With climate change becoming a more urgent topic every day, skincare brands are increasing their efforts to become more eco-friendly. They start realizing how their actions harm the planet. It all starts with our small daily habits…like shopping. Now don’t be scared! It doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping; it means we can make smarter decisions when it comes to it. 


Did you know that 76% of consumers are now seeking out sustainable products? That’s a huge shift from last decade’s numbers. So, many more consumers are supporting ethical and sustainable consumption and the companies that are making efforts to help our planet.

As a brand, protecting our beautiful planet is a top priority. How do we do it?  

  • VIBLOK® made sure to be a cruelty-free brand from the start and will continue creating products that align with this principle.
  • Thoughtful packaging - All our product packaging is recyclable and has been labeled appropriately.
  • Our products are non-toxic and, on the path to being qualified as ‘clean beauty’.
  • Our factory in the Netherlands complies with all the environmental European policies, and are working very hard to develop sustainable beauty products.
  • Our Intimate Wipes are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means it meets the "gold standard" ethical production. 
Earth Day is on April 22nd, and to celebrate, we want to give you some tips on eco-friendly shopping. Additionally, we will donate 20% of VIBLOK’s revenue to the Women’s Environment and Development Organization.
Some things you can do:

Watch out for the type of packaging and read the labels

In 2018, an estimated 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging were produced globally, and a lot of the plastic packaging didn’t even have resin identification codes on it. So whenever possible, try to buy products that are in recyclable packaging. Start exercising the 3 r’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. When you don’t, you’re encouraging wasteful packaging procedures by manufacturers and continue filling the landfills. Limit your impact by shopping eco-friendly skincare brands.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Impulse buying can easily lead to getting products that you do not need, which means they might end up in your local landfill quicker than you thought. Before purchasing a product, balance out the advantages this new product will give you over the older one you already have. Again, make smarter choices. Invest in premium-quality, non-toxic products that contain good ingredients and can last for a significant period.

Look for the Bunny

Whenever you go shopping, look at the Leaping Bunny Logo the same way you would check for expiration dates. Did you know that each year over 100 million animals are killed from animal testing and or training? Although the cosmetic industry only accounts for a small percentage of this, it is still a large number of animals suffering at the expense of beauty. Buying cruelty-free brands is one of the best ways to keep growing the demand for sustainable beauty.

Shop Online

Purchasing beauty products online can be better for the environment than buying in-store. With online purchases, a single truck or van can replace multiple car trips to the store and reach multiple households in one trip.

Although these actions seem small, we must know the power of our daily choices have a huge impact… start shopping sustainable beauty. Remember: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Written by VIBLOK® Creative Team