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Confident New Years Resolution Tips

Confident New Years Resolution Tips


Dance Into 2024 With a New You But a Confident One

Going into the new year can be scary and exciting all at the same time. You're either going into it with a new plan or just winging it. Either or, go into it confident! Here's a few tips on how to do that! 

Remind Yourself that You Don't Have to Be Perfect!

The pressure on women to be perfect in these days can be rough and a little unrealistic. Forget what media says. You're allowed to have those days of yoga pants and fuzzy hair, so don't be hard on yourself! As a matter of fact, have an imperfect day on purpose and rock the streets with it!

Kick Comfort Zone To The Curb!

Yes, going out of your comfort zone can be risky and well, uncomfortable. But! can be thrilling and so rewarding at the same time! Take baby steps and do one thing out of your comfort zone at a time and at your own pace. You won't regret it but you will if you end 2023 without at least trying one thing!

Dodge The Negative ASAP! 

To social media, social settings and workplace competition and jealousy. People can be mean when they feel threatened by your talent and how powerful you are. Don't buy into the negative and take the words at heart. When you hear someone attempting to bring negativity to your name, write down something positive about yourself. If you're into social media a lot, post a story about positivity and uplifting others, that'll make the haters shake! 


You are the author of your 2024 and don't let anyone or any circumstance change that! Take the risks, try that something new, have messy days and ALWAYS be unapologetically you!

Written By: Jessica Malinetescu 
VIBLO Creative Team