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Skin Care Tips While Traveling

Skin Care Tips While Traveling

Skin Care Tips While Traveling 

 Suggestions  To Keeping Your Skin Happy While  on Your Trips 


Alright babes, let’s get real about our skin when we travel. From the plane, change in climate and wacky sleep schedules with jet lag, our skin begins to get sassy with us. That’s why choosing a skin care routine for your travels are essential to keeping the relationship between you and your skin drama free.         

Below are some medically reviewed tips on skin care & how you can incorporate VIBLO in your travels!

Medically Reviewed Tips!

•Stay hydrated to be able to retain moisture externally     

•Mist with mineral water to keep make-up freshened

•Blot Oily Skin With Oil Absorbing Sheets recommended in 2021 

•Keep lips hydrated with Lip Balms recommended in 2021

How You Can Incorporate VIBLO


Refreshen your intimate parts & under-arms with our wipes when:    

•Feeling icky, sweaty or stinky while on, in between and after a flight(s)     

•Running in between your meeting(s) in the city on your business trip, especially when hot out!       

•Feeling sweaty & a little stinky in between fun site-seeing! 


Soothe your skin from irritation, razor burn, ingrown's & even chafing with our lotion:       

•After shaving or waxing before that flight, big event, meeting, outdoor activity or site-seeing!       

•Bikini area irritated from your hiking shorts or walking around the town? VIBLO Lotion!        

•If you want to feel more comfortable with smoother skin before your romantic dinner on the Amalfi coast with your boo….we got you, VIBLO lotion

Written By: Jessica Malinetescu 
VIBLO Creative Team