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Mental Health Tips

Mental Health Tips

Daily Tips to Keep Those Smiles Up! 

Babes, We want you happy! Here at VIBLOK®, we support positive mental health. Life isn’t the easiest between personal situations, at work and constantly growing who we are. Positive mental health can be a challenge at times.  Here are some tips on how to improve or keep your mental health in check so we can keep seeing those beautiful smiles. 

First, here are some ways you can detect that your mental health is in need of some TLC. 

 • Are you overly fatigued and tired?  

 • Scale of 1-10 how’s your anxiety about certain things?  

 • Are you experiencing significant mood swings, crying or harmful thoughts?  

 • Isolating yourself from friends and family?  

 • Maybe trouble concentrating? 

 • Depression or feeling more sad than happy?

 • Are you losing motivation & attention on interests and aspirations that used to hold your attention? 

Day to day tips

• Take a 'me' day! Do something you love or need make yourself priority 

• Quiet the mind: try meditating or prayer, it can help make you feel calm  

• Eat nutritious, get good sleep & exercise if you can  

• Try volunteering! It can heighten happy vibes

• Keep a good support system around you  

 • Those feelings of yours, talk about them!  

• Keep some stress relief exercises in hand like these one-minute stress relief strategies  

 • Avoid heavy substances  

 • Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help! 

In need of quotes or reminders to keep with you daily? We got you!

• Realize, you are capable!   

• You got this!  

• You deserve to be happy

• Better days will it, speak it into existence  

• Look ahead, concentrate..see that light at the end of the tunnel? It’s coming!

Written By: Jessica Malinetescu 
VIBLO Creative Team