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Mean Girls in the Workplace

Mean Girls in the Workplace

How To Carry Yourself 

With the Mean Girl at Work!

Us women can have the closest bonds outside of our careers. However, in the office, some women aren’t always the biggest supporters of each other. Coming across a woman like that at work can be difficult on top of the daily work responsibilities and pressure you take on. 

Understanding why some women just can’t support other women can be tough. What we can answer is how to handle their behavior that can help ease up your mind at work. 

Before we get into dealing with the mean girl. Let's break down what triggers their behavior & alerting signs you have a mean girl on your hands.

What triggers them:

Jealousy - envious of your accomplishments

Insecurities- it's them babe, not you!

Threatened - they fear you'll outshine them     

Alerting signs of a mean girl on your hands:    

They criticize you in front of others.  

Cold behind closed doors, friendly in front of others                               

Spread rumors or lies about your work ethic or personal life. 

Use direct insults                                                                                                                

Exclude you from important meetings, lunch or gatherings                                   

Tries to control projects/situations                                                                                  

Takes credit for your work        

Here are a few pointers on how to handle 'The Mean Girl' like a boss!

Don't gossip...don't do it girl!                                                                                                 

Say something supportive back, yes you heard that right                                         

Find your pack & stick with them                                                                               

Solve the problem professionally                                                                                               

Find common interests to bond and bridge the gap between you                     

Don't take it personally & counterattack                                                                            

Be the bigger person & ignore it!                                                                                        

If it's getting out of hand, speak to your supervisor

From a team of mostly women, The VIBLO Gals have a few pointers on creating a healthy female teamwork ethic.

Cheer on each others accomplishments!                                                                         

Let your fellow females ideas be heard in the workplace                                          

Take lunch breaks together and bond over common interests                        

Support your fellow females to just go for it!                                                             

Mentor each other in areas where the other lacks and other has knowledge

Direct but respectful feedback                                                                                            

Take time to do mental health checks, even if it's for a personal issue. 

Written By: Jessica Malinetescu 
VIBLO Creative Team