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5 Shaving Tips Your 13yo Self Would’ve Liked to Know

5 Shaving Tips Your 13yo Self Would’ve Liked to Know

1. Dry Shaving  

Who hasn’t shaved their armpits or legs in a rush? Sure, things happen, but always try to NEVER dry shave your skin. There are products to prep the skin for shaving for a reason. Shaving foam/creams are created with lubricants to make the razor slide smoother and prevent any harm to the skin. (Some shaving foams like our Viblok Shaving Foam is so hydrating you don’t even need water to use it!) At least when you’re in a rush try to use a good amount of soap because that’s better than nothing…

2. Pressing too hard   

This is one of the main causes of razor burn. Your skin is sensitive on any part of your body, treat it nicely. Don’t think that because you press harder, you will get a closer shave, this depends more on the condition of the blades on the razor. What will help you get that closer shave is a sharp blade and the right angle!

3. Swap your blades or use disposable blades

How do you know it’s time to change your razor blades? When you are starting to feel discomfort on your skin, or it seems like you are not removing most of the hair on one stroke of the razor. Make sure your blades stay sharp, this way you don’t have to slide the razor several times over the same spot and harm your skin. Also… less is better. Try to use two-blade razors, because more blades can cause more small scrapes on the skin.

4. Moisturize

Use a fragrance-free lotion after shaving, it will refresh and replenish your skin. Remember: you are rubbing your skin with a sharp object, so you want to avoid any irritation and possible infections!

5. You DON'T need to remove all your hair

Hair is meant to protect delicate areas of your body, so it’s better to not remove it all, especially in your intimate area… unless you want to and are comfortable with it, then that’s okay too!

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